Stryder, How many tabs in Pheradrol bottle?

  1. Stryder, How many tabs in Pheradrol bottle?


    Is Pheradrol the same as Pheraplex?

    How many tabs in Pheradrol bottle and how many mg/tab?

  2. just a tip, use the search function
    You'll find all the info you want in here Pheradrol Anyone?

  3. Thanks for the replies.

    I had actually just purchased 6 bottles minutes before I made the posts and then panicked that I hadn't actually asked or had answered those questions.

    I wanted to know if I was a real dumbass, or not. (Don't answer that one!)

    I actually have a several year supply now of PP and SD when one considers the AX brand bottles and off-brand formulations.

  4. 6 bottles!? They're not sweets you know

  5. Its Stryder's fault though... damn prices are so low it is really hard not to buy. I just switched over to nutraplanet from bulk.nutrition. I need to have my Raspberry Lemonade GF Pro, and NP has it at one of the best prices on the net.


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