Very Positive Experience

  1. Thumbs up Very Positive Experience

    It has been a complete pleasure to do business with Nutraplanet.

    I made an order last night, sent an email today to change the order, and received a response within 5 minutes telling me not only has the change been made, but that my package is getting shipped today.

    Thank you Nutraplanet and Stryder, you have a new loyal customer.

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you

  3. Ditto...

    Ordered Monday afternoon, received an email saying it was shipped (SAME DAY!!!!)

    received on Thursday!!!

    Most Excellent!!!!

  4. I'm tellin' ya, there's something fishy about this whole nutraplanet organization. If they were humans, they would screw up at least 1 order, but they didn't. I suspect they might be after world domination or something. Maybe they really are from another planet, called Arnut?

  5. No surprises. Great to hear though.

  6. Holy cow man that's fantastic. Stryder, I hope your company grows and prospers. But please don't get so big that you forget the little guys okay!!


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