Slammin' Stack from Scivation!

  1. Slammin' Stack from Scivation!

    Gitcha' Big Gitcha' Hard Stack PLUS FREE Book

    1 Bottle of Anagen, 1 Bottle of Fenotest, and FREE Game Over Book


  2. awesome deal! You'll be hearing from me

  3. Crap, man. I think I left my checkbook by the computer instead of INSIDE YOUR HOUSE, STRYDER! Thanks for the deal, and it sounds perfect for PCT. Absolutely perfect.

  4. OMG....I just looked on Nutra's website then logged onto AM to make a thread on what a smokin' deal this is.

    Anagen + Fenotest for $29.99...That's the cheapest I've seen yet. Nutra does it again!

  5. Sam,
    This is perfect for people doing "The Cut Diet" that Scivation put out. Any chance you'll offer a package deal for all the supps recommended in the book?

  6. What exactly is fenotest?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by joebo
    What exactly is fenotest?
    Here's an excerpt from Nutra's description:

    "Fenotest—Testosterone Booster

    Safed Musli
    Rhodiola Rosea
    Bacopa Monnieri

    Testosterone is the primary anabolic hormone in the body. Increasing the amount of testosterone in your body will increase the amount of muscle you can gain. One can accomplish this in two ways (1) injecting exogenous testosterone (2) increasing your body’s natural production of testosterone. The problem with #1 is, besides the fact that it is illegal, when exogenous testosterone is administered into the body the body will decrease and then stop production of its own testosterone. So when you stop using exogenous testosterone you are left in a testosterone deprived state. Method #2 is much safer and more efficient in the long run. There will be no period of testosterone production shutdown if the body’s own natural production of testosterone is increased.

    Fenotest was designed to increase and support the body’s natural production of testosterone. When coupled with Anagen’s ability to increase androgen binding to its receptors, Fenotest works even better."

    Here's the ingredients posted on the bottle I have:

    Testofen - 200mg
    Safed Musli - 250mg
    Rhodiola Rosea - 175mg
    Bacopa Monnieri - 50mg

    Hope that helps. This is a great deal on Nutra...I'll be getting some for sure.

    Stryder - How long will this stack be available at this price? Will it be a regular stack offered at the same pricing?


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