Question regarding Poetency and life of nutraplanet powders

  1. Question regarding Poetency and life of nutraplanet powders

    Ok Im ordering a buk supply of stuff coming up.... but first i have some questions regarding potency...

    now i plan on cycling off alcar for 2 months...and plan to buy some alcar....will leaving it in the container (not opened) effect its potency?

    also on one of my previous orders i ordered some phenibut now i hardly ever take the stuff...but its opened...does this effect potency?

    today i gave some phenibut to my friend who blew his knee out running. i called him up 6 hours later and he said he didnt feel it. since the phenibut has been opened did that effect the quality of the pehnibut powder?

    so basically once the powders are opened does it effect the quality?

    and does it effect the quality of the powders of theey arnt opened and just sitting there for lets say 2 months?(thts what i plan on doing with Alcar

    Thanks in advance Stydder. Keep it up!

  2. Oxygen, heat, and light should be avoided to maintain optimum potency. If the ALCAR was closed for 2 months, that would be fine, but when you're dealing with bulk powders, it is very important to keep them closed in a container or bag when not in use. I highly recommend not leaving it open as oxygen, light, or moisture could cause it to lose some of it's integrity.

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