Revenge SDX

  1. Revenge SDX

    Stryder, can you confirm if the current batch of SDX is the same as the bottles sold late last year/early this year (Dec - Jan) time frame? Many logs from this earlier time period help validate that the effectiveness of the product. I am concerned about the current posts stating the lack of effectiveness from recently purchased product.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I can find out for you...

  3. Hi stryder. I just placed an order a while ago with ******** as one component (and forever will be inclined towards you for shopping. This is the one company that hasn't given me any hassles, excellent communication, had all items arrived in record time to Canada, which is unlikely and had abolutely no COA's with it). I don't mean to be a pain, but could you look into ******** as well for me. I'm almost certain much isn't right with what I purchased. Please look into the matter at your earliest convenience. Thanks

  4. will do...

  5. Stryder, any word yet?

  6. I was informed that it was from the same batch

  7. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    I was informed that it was from the same batch
    on the revenge?

    wot about on the ********, is that the same batch?

    as i just ordered some about two weeks ago

    thanks in advance

  8. I was told that both of the products were from a one batch run.

  9. Read in another post that Revenge is not being sold anymore ?? Is this true ? Hope not... I would like to give it a whirl a few months down the road.


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