3 days till payday-stryder

  1. 3 days till payday-stryder

    i am already down for restore, what kind of specials you gonna tempt me with this time stryder-you know how much i love to give you my money.

  2. Not sure yet my friend. Nothing in stone...need to give it some thought LOL!

  3. Stryder...your avatar is sweet
    "If we use our emotions as a means of forming conclusions and making decisions, then it is our emotions that businesses will appeal to, and in such a world, dishonesty reigns." - Par Deus

  4. haha 2 days til my money clears,
    My next order is shapeing up like this

    Trilean system(alri)
    2 muscle milks
    1 Rem
    1 Vitaberry
    3 campeful
    3 seasomin
  5. Smile

    todays the day. 3 hours till i make my order, got restore and bsn dessert so far, thinking about san endotest, you could always run a blowout on that lol.



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