Alittle order problem...

  1. Alittle order problem...

    Order arrived today, first and formost like to thank Nutraplaent, they kept my Hemogex cool before delivery*as i hear can go bad under extrem heat*

    Have a small problem sent a email, but thought would be good to ask on here as well, because i sorta ran out cycle support.

    I'm missing a couple items from the order-
    2-Liv 52
    1-NOW liver rengerator

    I know sounds sorta bad missing that much, but i had a HUGE order and alot of bottles , so its very understandable.

    Dr liftalot

  2. If your order was huge, they probably could not fit it all in 1 box. That sometimes happens to me, if thats the case you should get your other box today.

  3. Also bro e-mail is probably better for this kind of enquiry.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by Mr.50
    Also bro e-mail is probably better for this kind of enquiry.


    I sent one, but i figured would be good to try to contact stryder on here since i worked with him for part of my order. (I can't seem to PM people without the upgraded membership to AM,which i've been contemplating for a while now.

  5. Stop contemplating and just upgrade already!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    Stop contemplating and just upgrade already!

    Yeah no crap it will pay for itself if you contribute enough, look at all the stuff you can buy with your points! Just remember to tell them I sent you

  7. Dr Liftalot, sorry for the inconvenience. I've got my customer service department looking into it. Will get back to you later this afternoon as they are having to review purchase orders, evaluate inventory and current stock, and check shipping weights with FedEx. Timely process.

    In regards to the 2 Liv52 and the Now Liver...that was my fault. Forgot to relay the message to my shipping department, so your card was never charged for those items nor was it included in your order.

    As before, to better prevent slip ups, please send order additions or changes directly to my customer service department rather than posting on AM: [email protected] m

    Sent you an email too by the way.

  8. Just sent you a email about the REM/Vitaberrys, big thanks for taking care of me.

    - Great customer Service!
    - Great priecs!
    Also will be refering others as well.

    Dr liftalot


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