Stryder your attension please....

  1. Stryder your attension please....

    I just made a order from nutraplanet, and i wanted to get some REM and Vitaberrys two of each.

    Anyways i placed my order and last second wouldnt let it go threw saying it wasnt in stock, but i remeber you saying should be in this friday so i was trying to place the order today and let you ship out this friday when everything was in.

    But seeing how i just placed the order i was wondering if it was possible to hold the order, til friday and add in the REM/Vitaberrys or is there a way i can call up and correct this?

    Please advise
    Dr liftalot

  2. Received your order and read your comment...we are holding onto the order until the items arrive which should be Thu or Fri and will add the requested items to the order and update the card for the appropriate amount and will ship it out ASAP.

    Thank you for the initial order my friend

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