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    I see they are getting testers for Focus CVM and AE2

    I gotta tell you, look forward to some good feedback on this stuff.

    For those of you who have not tried the SNS Creatine E2 Matrix or Arginine E2 Matrix, do it.

    I was lucky enough to get to test some of this stuff a few months ago and it blew me and my wife away.

    These products were fantastic and now, of course, they are a must have in the cupboards for preworkout.

    Look for a log on the final 4 weeks of a trans formation contest I am in. I am running it out with Inhibit, AE2 matrix, and CE2 matrix.

    So far this stuff is working great, as expected.

    Good luck testers.


  2. U know it! I'll be logging CVM and will be starting it in about a week. Realized I still have about a week left of my MAN Scorch/vaporize Remix log and i'm not to be on any creatine during the log. So look for my log in about a week and a half. I'm very excited about getting back on creatine and this product looks very promising! :bruce3:

    PS. Stryder, it did come in today, around 7:30pm! Didn't realize fedex delivered this late. Thanks again to you and steve for the opportunity to log the product and the fast replies!

  3. No problem my friend...glad it got to you ok. Looking forward to the feedback! :bruce2:

  4. Thanks for the kind words CTG. Glad you are liking everything.
    SNS and Competitive Edge Labs Black Friday Sales:

  5. Bumping this to throw some praise towards the SNS product line.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright View Post
    Bumping this to throw some praise towards the SNS product line.
    Thanks for the kind words. Should FINALLY have some new things coming soon.


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