Serious Nutrition Solutions Testers Wanted

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  1. Serious Nutrition Solutions Testers Wanted

    In an effort to increase awareness of the Serious Nutrition Solutions brand, we along with Nutraplanet are interested in selecting testers to do product logs and reviews on several products by us in the Nutraplanet forum here. We will also request that the logs/reviews be put in our subforum and the review section on AM as well.

    For those not familiar with out products, we have not had many logs done yet on AM, but if you search several other sites, you can find an abundance of feedback and positive reviews.

    Here is a link to our product listing on Nutraplanets site:****94& osCs****r6jcpo03vpf3sg3qq7s4bin 1q6

    The products that we wish to select testers for will include:
    - CVM Xtreme
    - Arginine E2 Matrix
    - Focus XT

    To further read up on these items, here are there respective product page links from the Nutraplanet site:

    CVM Xtreme: _****94&products_****857

    Arginine E2 Matrix: _****94&products_****868

    Focus XT: _****94&products_****869

    Also, due to some updating on Nutraplanets site, the label information is not available, so here are the supplement facts for the products:

    CVM Xtreme:
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 heaping scoop
    Servings per Container: 50
    Amount per Serving
    CVM (Cell Volumizing Matrix Blend)
    DiCreatine Malate 3g
    Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate 2g
    Betaine Anhydrous 2g
    Taurine 2g
    2:1 DiArginine Malate 1.5g
    Glucuronalactone 1g
    Glycocymine 500mg
    Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 100mg
    Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 50mg
    Folic Acid 200mcg
    Vitamin B12 125mcg

    Arginine E2 Matrix:
    Supplement Facts:
    Serving Size: 3 capsules
    Servings per Container: 60
    Amount Per Serving
    Arginine E2 Matrix Blend 2150mg
    Arginine Ethyl Ester HCI
    Ornithine Ethyl Ester HCI

    Focus XT:
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 scoop
    Servings per Container: 20
    Amount per Serving
    Focus XT Blend 9800mg
    Choline Bitartrate
    Huperzine A
    Caffeine 200mg

    If interested, please post all relevant information in the thread.

    We would also like to invite everyone to check out our subforum here on AM and help us get some activity going.
    SNS and Competitive Edge Labs Black Friday Sales:

  2. I would love to test for you guys.

    Training experience: Weigth training for 7 years, sports since I was five.

    Age: 19

    Sex: M

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: 190


    Goal: stregnth/power/ size

    Current Training Schedule / Protocol: full body routine 3 times per week, been going heavy lately focusing on strength

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol :1-3 times per week (non-workout days)

    Current supplements:
    cemtrum multi
    fish oils

    Current Diet and macros :about 4000 cals 300g protein 400g carbs, 150 fat

    Current Daily water intake: as much as possible

    ANY and ALL Prescription / Non-Prescription drugs:none

    Supplement history (as much detail as possible):tried almost everything: creatine, aakg, other nitric oxide boosteres, natural test boosters, hmb, cit. malate, methoxyisoflavone

    I would like to test CVM Xtreme most, followed by Aginine E2 Matrix, then Focus XT, if it matters.

    Other product reviews / logs you have done (with links):


  3. Hey SNS I've used your arginine E2 Matrix and I was very impressed with the results.......I recently have gained alot of interest in your products and look forward to incorporating them into my supplement regime. I'm going to be starting a Halo/TST cycle on monday, but would love to add in E2 matrix and Cvm during my pct.

  4. Hey man, I was just about to order the CVM extreme today before I saw this posted!!!!!!!!!

    I would gladly test CVM for you and do a nice log in about a month if thats cool.... I could really use the extra 35 dollars for gas

    Let me know

    I'm sure you've seen my posts around, Ive done multiple company sponsored logs as well as personal logs

  5. I was looking into the focus love to be a tester for that product.

  6. I would be very interested in trying out your guys CVM Extreme. I used Energized Expand w/extra CEE last fall and loved it. I go back in forth between powerlifting styles and bodybuilding styles in my workouts every few months. I have not used any supps in about 2 months other than stims. I just finished up a somewhat DC style routine and am going back into strength and power type exercises (isnt this what creatine is good for!). Current split started this week is:
    Sunday-Bench and/or accessories
    Monday-Squat and/or accessories
    Wednesday-Oly lifts and shoulders
    Friday-Deads and Back
    I work at a gym and am there all the time and sometimes I have to lift later at night so I would love the energy from this if I can't have caffeine.
    Currently 21 years old, 5'9", 195 lbs., and eating b/w 3500-4000 calories a day. I could post every workout day as weights increase, and my partner and I track all of our weights.
    Would also love to try Focus XT for those earlier lifting days, but I doubt you guys want to have us try two at once. Only other supp currently would be REM-R3G which I will hopefully be adding in on Friday! If any other info would help me be chosen let me know.

  7. Dear Guys at SNS,
    I'd be happy to test your focus product. The other two sound interesting but I am on other stuff at the present and don't wish to confuse the results. I have run a ton of tests this year. The logs of mine I'd recommend are ALRI ( In Supp Review Section) M-TRN/M-TST log in the BioScience Forum, and Motiv8ers DS kitchen sink review in the DS forum. I am using some great OTC products right now but nothing in the focus department. I have experience with the compounds Ginsing, Ginko, Vinpocetine, DMAE, ALCAR, GO, Omega Sports focus product and I am sure a few more.

    I also Mod in the new site (Shameless plug, I know ) Please let me know if I can give you some feedback on your product. Thank you.
    My The 1 LOG:

  8. If you are very confident in your products, I will test. I don't respond to much. That is a warning. haha.

    Focus XT would be cool to test. (I will know if it works or not easily.)

  9. I don't post alot here, quite a bit at I definitely do alot of reading at this board though, consists of less idiots. I'd be more than happy to post up my log here and there if you would like. Would love to give these products a try either as a stack or individually. Here is hopefully all the info you'll need. Thanks for the consideration.

    Age: 22

    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 155

    Sex: M

    Body type: meso-Ecto

    Supplement history: Creatine mono, cell-tech, gutamine, CLA, ripped fuel, AMP, Thermal Rage, Multi, fish oil, Sesamax, Neuro Stim + C, San v12 Turbo, H+Blocker and CE-XL stack, Xtend and all sorts of protein.

    Some of these supps i'm currently taking some of them i've taken in the past. Currently I am using: AMP, San V12 turbo, multi, fish oil, Vaporize, Xtend and a variety of protein powders.

    I am currently cutting and will be starting my bulk in about a week and a half. Current diet consists of 6-7 meals a day all approximately 320 cals a meal. A sample day would be:

    Meal 1 (breakfast): 1/2 cup oats(dry) cooked in water
    1 scoop wpi
    1 banana

    Gym: PWO shake, 1.5 scoops wpi, 30grms dex

    Meal 2: PWO meal appx 45min after PWO shake
    1 small chicken breast
    1/2 cup cooked brown rice
    2 cups broccoli

    Meal 3: MRP of 1 scoop muscle milk or mass meal, 1 scoop casein protein blend from and 8-10 oz skim milk

    Meal 4: 1 small chicken breast
    3 cups broccoli

    Meal 5: 2 whole eggs
    2 egg whites

    Meal 6: Pre-bed same as meal 3.

    Training has continually gotten more intense as I become more focused on cutting. Currently working on a 5 day split with HIIT on at least 3 days a week. A sample week would look like this:

    day 1: Chest: barbell flat bench: 5x5
    incline db 8x4
    decline hammer strength 8x4
    Cable flys at all angles, weighted dips 8x4

    day 2: Back: weighted chins 8x4
    dumbbell rows 8x4
    lat pulldowns 8x4
    wide grip seated rows 8x4

    Rest day= 20-30 min HIIT on treadmill or track
    10 min of core excercises

    day 3: Legs: Squats 8x4
    deadlifts 5x5
    leg press 8x4
    hamstring curls 8x4

    day 4: Bi's and Tri's: Seated dumbbell curls 8x4
    standing inside hammer curls 8x4
    straight bar curls 8x4
    Skull crushers 8x4
    weighted dips 8x4
    bent over tricep extensions 8x4

    Rest day= 20-30min HIIT and 10min of core excercises

    Day 5: Shoulders: Seated dumbbell presses 8x4
    various cable raises and rear delt
    excercises. 8x4
    Shrugs 6x5

    rest day= No lifting at all

    rest day= HIIT and core

    Back to the top!

    Will have no problems posting up before and after pics and progress pics along the way. Will also update on a daily basis in reg to workout, energy, meals eaten, changes in diet or training and of course personal experience on the stack.

    Would be more than happy to log these products for you. Will completing my cut within a couple weeks and would love to try these products out as I begin bulking again. Goal is to drop maybe a couple more lbs before bulking again. I'm hoping to bulk up to appx 175-180lbs which will be about 10lbs more than I was at the end of my last bulk.

  10. Tossing my hat in the ring as well. I will be starting PCT at the end of month. More than willing to field test your products. The CVM Extreme is of interest but I am open to your needs as well. I have been lifting most of my life. Instinctive in most that I do. I will provide an honest unfiltered review if given the opportunity.


  11. I've lurked here for 6 months, never posted

    Training experience: 18 years

    Age: 33

    Sex: M

    Height: 6'

    Weight: 255

    Goal: Qualify for nationals as strongman

    Current Training Schedule / Protocol: 2x a day split, 6 days per week

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol :10-15 daily

    Current supplements:
    cemtrum multi
    fish oils
    Cyto gainer

    Current Diet and macros :about 6000 cals 400g protein 800g carbs, 150 fat

    Current Daily water intake: as much as possible

    ANY and ALL Prescription / Non-Prescription drugs:none Drug free 10+ years.

  12. Somewhat new user here, but have been posting on bodybuildingforyou for quite some time. Would be interested in testing CVM Extreme and/or Arginine E2. I have been seriously lifting for 3 years now. Diet is clean and in check and currently in the midst of a clean bulk. My schedule and stats are as follows...

    Age:25(26 on the 26th of may)
    Weight:lean 190
    Goals:Gain lean mass and strength while keeping bf low at all times
    Current Supplements:Dymatize elite whey isolate, GNC Multivitamin
    Training Schedule:
    Sunday: Legs/Abs
    Leg press
    Seated calf raises
    Standing calf raises
    leg extensions
    leg curls
    occassionally throw in lunges

    Monday: OFF

    Tuesday: Chest/Tris
    Bench Press
    Incline Press superset with incline flys
    Cable Crossovers
    Decline press

    Weighted Dips
    Close grip bench press

    Wednesday: OFF

    Thursday: Back/Bi
    lat pulls
    barbell rows

    Hammer Curls
    incline dumbell curls
    cable curls

    Friday: Shoulders/Traps
    Military press
    front raises
    side raises

    barbell shrugs
    dumbell shrugs

    I am willing to keep a day by day log and post all changes i feel/see on a daily basis.

  13. Very good prospects so far...keep 'em coming guys! We will be announcing the official testers next week

    SNS is a solid company and I can't wait to see some thorough logs on their products.

    Special thanks to Steve at Serious Nutrition Solutions for donating these products for customer feedback

  14. I'll throw my hat in for the CVM or the Matrix..Here is the log I am running right now...

  15. Are you looking for any female testers?? Im the log queen

  16. I don't mean to get off topic, or be a pig for that matter..But Fit is that your bum?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    I don't mean to get off topic, or be a pig for that matter..But Fit is that your bum?

    Um yes it is Please dont let it distract you from important reading though

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    I don't mean to get off topic, or be a pig for that matter..But Fit is that your bum?

  19. Hey, SNS

    I wouldn't mind giving the FOCUS XT. It sound like a very promising supplement. I'm 23 and a stressed and exhausted student and now going to be working hard for summer cash.

    This would be they only addition to my supplementation besides whey protein. Very interested in the energy, edurance, stress relief, and mental focus.


  20. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm
    Um yes it is Please dont let it distract you from important reading though
    IS IT REALLY? Fit I never realized you had such a nice tush!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by sublimejeh
    IS IT REALLY? Fit I never realized you had such a nice tush!

    LOL, Bent over everything looks good

  22. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm
    LOL, Bent over everything looks good
    Well, I dono about everything, but your booty sure does!!!

  23. I would like to try:

    Focus XT and or CVM Xtreme, I will also be using ALRI N-gorge & Primed, so I dont know if these will conflict with each other, PLease let me know

    Ok, Now I can post links to my log, I do logs on BB, IM and BBB when its working, LOL. I post the same log on all sites, so you get more bang for your buck Check these out

    Ive been asked not to post links to my log to show you my history on the testing I have done, so I guess PM me, course I dont know if thats allowed either, email me, IM me I guess.
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