Serious Nutrition Solutions Testers Wanted

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by sns8778

    - I need to contact you, but dont have an email address for you. If you will email me, I will reply to you. Thanks.

    Already got your e-mail and replied. Thanks for the update and the opportunity to log the product. I'll be awaiting its arrival.

  2. Am I to late for this?


    Age: 25

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5" 10

    Weight: 97kg

    Bodytype: ENDO

    Training experience: 6 months seriously

    Training Schedule/Protocol: 3 days a week, total body

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol: 4 Days a week, 1 HIIT

    Current supplements: 1.5g Omega Thunder Creatine, Green Tea extract, ECA, 1g Vitamin C, Multi-Vitamin, Chromium Picolinate 209mcg, 2000mg Omega3, Glucosamine 1500mg

    Current Diet: Cutting

    9:00 - Breakfast
    45g Oats + 40g Protein mix + Skimmed Milk
    1g Vitamin C, Multi-Vitamin, Chromium Picolinate 200mcg, CCE 1.5g, 2000mg Omega3, Glucosamine 1500mg

    11:00 - Midmorning
    200g Cottage Cheese + 25g Brazil nuts, + (any suggestions on if I need anything else here)

    2:00 - Lunch
    2 tins of tuna/Salmon + Some Onion or 10g Beans + 25g Brazil nuts

    4:00 - Snack
    2 pieces of Wholegrain bread + Olive Oil Spread + Large Banana (for the potassium)


    6:00 - PWO
    40g Whey Protein Mix + 40g of oats + Skimmed Milk
    Or Protein bar
    1.5g CCE

    8:00 - Tea
    Turkey Breast Joint + Mixed Veg + 1 slice Wholemeal bread
    or Lentil curry + Brown Rice
    or Chicken + Mixed Veg

    12:00 - Evening
    200g Cottage Cheese + 12ml Omega3 Oil
    1g Vitamin C

    Short Term Goal: Loose bodyfat, at a rate greater than 2lb per week

    Long Term Goal: <10% BF

    Prescription/Recreational drugs: None, No Alcohol

    Supplement history:
    Several Whey Blends
    Bulk CEE

    Location: England - The land of bad teeth and Castles!!

    Reason you should pick me:
    I have been taking extremely accurate accounts of my eating, and training so I will be able to give a very accurate view of the effectiveness of this stack.

    I have the time available to take accurate accounts and readings to support the study.

    Go on you know you want to help out us Brits

  3. You are about a week too late. but heres some Bruce Lee for ya:


  4. Anybody recieved yet?

  5. not yet, but i got an e-mail from steve stating it would be a little late. I'm expecting it mid next week.

  6. Smile

    I will write an extensive log and specific detailed experiencew/ your product. I have tried alot of the ingredients in your products, singled out of course, but you gentlemen seem like you know your shizz it.
    So send me some. I have been training since I was 15 am am 28yrs old. THat said responding to muscle enhancing supplements are very apparent for me, that is if the quality purity and the process in which you went about creating your product is definate (many lie or exaberate on labels, or marketing bull crap. Who knows, It could be a Big Big Hit. HMMM Sounds pomising.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    Thanks to all for your willingness to test these products out for Serious Nutrition Solutions and NutraPlanet!

    It was difficult to choose but we have narrowed it down to the following:

    motiv8er: Focus XT
    Never2Cut: CVM
    Mulletsoldier: Arginine E2 Matrix

    Testers, please email me your screen name, first and last name, and shipping address and we will ship out your product to you.

    Looking forward to the dedicated logs and the genuine feedback
    Already chosen man
  8. Unhappy

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    Already chosen man
    At least I know you will honestly post anything out ot the ordinary/ U seem dedicated also! Good luck.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    Got mine today...Both logs are up...

    Mulletsoldier's AE2 Log

    Mulletsoldier's AE2 Log
    Cool stuff, looks like a good start, i'll be starting mine as soon as mine comes in the mail!

  10. Good luck;

  11. Quote Originally Posted by alguard
    Good luck;

    Thank you, hoping the product gets here by the end of the week.. Would love to start it saturday. The day of my weekly cheat meal which should be a whole izza: will definitely get volumized after the creatine and the cheat, lol.

  12. stryder,

    Did the cvm xtreme get shipped out? Its been over a week and haven't seen anything yet. Worried that the delivery guy is gettin big on my cvm xtreme!

  13. Never2Cut, will look into it and let yoiu know.

  14. Thanks, got your e-mail and the tracking info. I'm looking out for the fedex guy! He's gotta be here sometime this afternoon.

  15. I am very interested in testing your products, I am

    Age: 27

    Height:6' 2''

    Weight: 186 ibs

    Goals: to lean out but keep strength

    Will keep a detailed log as to my progress however this would be the first time I tested a product.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by jay6629
    I am very interested in testing your products, I am

    Age: 27

    Height:6' 2''

    Weight: 186 ibs

    Goals: to lean out but keep strength

    Will keep a detailed log as to my progress however this would be the first time I tested a product.
    lol..Go back a few pages man.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    lol..Go back a few pages man.
    Thats a peeve of mine, when people just don't read the thread. oh well.

  18. BUMP!

    My log has been started! Bet you guys thought I took the product and ran! :bruce1: Thanks again Stryder and Steve for giving me this opportunity. The link of course:


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