When Camp

  1. When Camp

    I've been *****ing about this in the USP forum so I thought I might bring my plight over here. I really wanna try some liquid relaxation and I need to get some anti-e's and some anagen. Camphibolic is on my list and I want to get it all at once so I dont have to pay shipping costs twice, do you know if you'll have camp back in stock any time soon?

  2. The last update I received (which was a couple weeks ago) from USPLabs stated that they were expecting to get it in sometime this week. Haven't heard anything since then...I'll shoot him an email and see what the status is and let you know.

  3. Cool, thanks.

    Stryder have you used liquid relaxation before?

  4. I've used the old formula and it was good, not too dramatic but mellows you out and even seemed to help with focusing...the new formula is supposed to be more pronounced, but I haven't tried it yet.

  5. update?

  6. Shipping out to us Monday so hopefully around Wednesday or Thursday!

  7. Back in stock!


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