NOw Super Cortisol Support

  1. NOw Super Cortisol Support

    Any chance of carrying this product?

  2. Sounds interesting...will look into it CDB and let you know when it arrives.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    Sounds interesting...will look into it CDB and let you know when it arrives.

  4. CDB, have you tried this and did it seem to work well for you? I just haven't heard much about the magnolia bark based cortisol controlling supps.


  5. I heard about it on here not too long ago, went and did some research. A couple of my friends use it it turns out, didn't have a clue what it was for but they use it anyway, so I asked them what they felt when they started taking it and it seems in line with other cortisol controllers like LXT; positive mood changes, some weight loss, etc.

  6. OK, thanks! Sounds promising. I Froogled it and one or two places were selling it for about $10. If it's somewhat effective and that cheap, It'll be a steal.


  7. I just ordered some stuff (Muscle Milk) from Vitaglo. I see they have this stuff for $9.74.

    I'm going to try to add a bottle of it - I'll need it for stress relief...

  8. jmh80, hows the TST/TRN cycle coming along...seems to be a very promising stack from the feedback I've seen from other users.

  9. Bit of high blood pressure. I'm now seeing acne. Am up 3 lbs. in 9 days. Strength is up on some exercises (those gains are usually slower than mass for me).


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