NOW Super-Antioxidants

  1. NOW Super-Antioxidants

    Could you get this product? It's like 10x better than any other antioxidant product out there, and it's not expensive either.

  2. I love NOW! Will get some in...I'm a big believer in the benefits of antioxidants.

  3. How long do you think until this will be availible? I have a pretty large order I want to get in, but I'd rather be able to include several bottles of this stuff too, if it's availible sometime soon.

  4. got a couple in stock now...will be getting more soon.

  5. I see you have the 60 count bottles, will you be getting the 120 count bottles?

  6. Uh oh.. Can you add 2 bottles into order #12637?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by drunk
    I see you have the 60 count bottles, will you be getting the 120 count bottles?
    Yes, will be getting the larger size but it's going to be next week before it arrives.

  8. Status?

  9. hopefully tomorrow or the day after...

  10. Also what about the NOW super enzymes? It is out of stock.

  11. coming in the same time as well


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