Any more venom coming?

  1. Any more venom coming?

    It says you are out of stock on the Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 online. Was wondering if you were going to be getting some more in cuz I am going to be making a huge order for some people at work and whatnot.


  2. ALRI is sold out but hopefully they will be getting it in next week...will post up when I hear something more definite.

  3. Should be getting it early part of next week...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    Should be getting it early part of next week...

  5. Shipped out yesterday so I should be receiving it this weekend...

  6. What's the update?

    Looking to order Stim X as well.

    Let me noe.



  7. Stim X in stock...Venom should be in tomorrow

  8. Venom HD now in stock!


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