Goddamn 1 day shipping you guys phuken rock

  1. Goddamn 1 day shipping you guys phuken rock

    I ordered yesterday at like 2 pm it arrived right now at my doorstep

    kick ass Sam good job

  2. Ya nutraplanet is the best.Thanks to nutra for the free t shirt a couple weeks back it is the black one with silver lettering, really nice shirt actually.

  3. And thanks for the Twinlab/TRN/TST thingee you worked out for me. I love Twinlab's glass bottles. Burger to you.

  4. Yeah, they're insanely fast.. Amazing...

  5. Gee...uh, thanks guys! <blush>

  6. Re: 1 day shipping you guys rock

    Check it out (see attached)

    The last message was Shipping notification.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  7. Bye Bye 1FAST400, hello Nutraplanet!!!

    "If we use our emotions as a means of forming conclusions and making decisions, then it is our emotions that businesses will appeal to, and in such a world, dishonesty reigns." - Par Deus

  8. NutraPlanet is the "King Kong" of dietary supplement stores. I particularly like the fast and friendly service and the one day shipping. Great JOB!!!!

  9. thats what Im saying

    i mean damn you can be beaten with service like that.

    you have no choice but to be number 1.

    plus im an impatient bastard so 1 days is great

    im picking up more **** tomm

  10. lol yea I ordered last time like friday night around 10pm and monday morning I had my package.

  11. Yea, it's amazing that some companies take a week to deliner, but Sam gets it here in 2-3 days tops. Definately won me over as a customer.

  12. There's a supplement company in my home state that I used to be loyal to (because they are close to home)...takes them a week to get to me. Nutraplanet does it in two days everytime.


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