stryder, please help me figure this out

  1. stryder, please help me figure this out

    Stryder, I ordered two bottles methoxy tst on march 14. Somehow they were on there way shipping here, but then it said I had an insufficient address so it shipped back to you guys. I think here is what happened on the website: When I was entering my address and it asked for state, I typed MO (but that doesn't register for missouri, you have to type it out), so in that case it goes to the first state (alabama). Well when I ordered, it said state needed, so I clicked confirm again (without realizing alabama was in). Anyways, it fudged up my whole order. I need hlep to figure out what I should do. Nutraplanet has not responded to my recent e-mail. If you guys cannot ship it back out to me, then I would like a refund for my money. Thanks.

  2. No worries cgcrz8, we'll get it taken care of.

    Just out of curiosity when did you send the email?

    Do you have an order #?

  3. I sent the e-mail to the nutraplanet customer service order update thing. Anyways, my order number is: 11215 and my address is:

    600 E Admiral BLVD #1105
    Kansas City, MO 64106

    Stryder, thanks for replying so fast. You are the man. This has been bothering me in the back of my head for a couple of days now. I hope we can work this out. Thanks again.

  4. Stryder can work anything out. That's why I'm sending him to the middle east in the next few days. GL over there!

  5. Should be arriving back to us today...will take care of it. Please make the correct changes to your state and make sure to add the apt# to the address on file to prevent delays for future orders.

  6. Stryder, thanks a lot man. I made sure the info for address on is correct. Thanks for all your help.

  7. received and sent back out

  8. Nutraplanet has yet to let me down...service never ceases to amaze.......

  9. Nutraplanet is the best!!!


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