Changes are coming SOON... Feedback Needed!

  1. Changes are coming SOON... Feedback Needed!

    I have been working on some improvements to While most things are still not ready to release for general use we are now ready to release the new products page.

    With the new product page comes new sidebars, and a few new features to make the shopping experience a little easier. Over the next few weeks / months these new improvements will also be made to the rest of the site.

    At this point I need feedback from you all about the overall changes, and also if anyone experiences any problems ( This means you AOL and MSN customers )****303

  2. It looks perty, I also enjoy the placement of your 'clearance' items...

  3. looks good

  4. Looks good. I just placed an order and it was a very smooth transaction. Very easy navigation. I didn't see a weightloss section, and had to use the brand drop down to locate what I wanted.
    Seemed alot faster, but that could be the time of day.

    I did have one concern, pm me if you will.

  5. lovin' it. I used to have to roll over to half the time to check the ingrediant profiles, now I don't get to laugh at their prices anymore though

  6. Looking very good. I really like the reviews at the bottom of the product info. saves ALOT of time.

  7. Nice crisper look. I love the ingredient profiles and COAs being included. Customer reviews are a nice touch as well. I tested using Netscape 7.2 and didn't experience any problems.
  8. Smile

    It works well with mozilla...btw is Warren Tolbert a real person?... well, the story is he owes me money, large money..did he leave an address?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by delta314
    I didn't see a weightloss section, and had to use the brand drop down to locate what I wanted.
    I believe the site has a "fatloss" section as opposed to weightloss.

    The site looks great and I love the improvements. It's much more ergonomic in that it has everything right on the first page for every product. I can just scroll down as opposed to clicking on multiple links to find the desired information.

    Good job.

  10. So far, so good
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  11. Looking solid!

  12. here are some other idea:

    -enable email notification when a new review is post for a product (subscribe/unsubscribe system for each product)
    -edit review (only allowed to the writter of the review)
    -see bestsellers by manufacturer
    -see the quantity in stock for each product

  13. How about a section of recomendations about what to stack with

  14. Get rid of "Myochem" on the manufacturers list. What a **** company that was.

  15. Awesome design..I like how product descriptions are viewable without needing to click on the item.

    How about changing the background color from white to the light purple graphics used in the logo/wallpaper?
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by charliewat
    How about a section of recomendations about what to stack with


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