Methoxy TST Presale!

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  1. We currently have enough coming to us for you guys to still purchase in the next few days, but I'm sure once it actually arrives and we start shipping out's going to fly out of here!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by raider1
    I was thinking the same thing... my wife is going to kill me if another package comes in..
    I hear ya brother, my wife is on the verge of kicking my butt also.....but just so many good deals

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Mr.50

    A couple of brief questions.

    1) With the limited aromatization is it important that we have an antiaromatase or SERM on hand?

    2) What is the potential for 5-alpha reduction to more potent androgenic compounds? Or more specifically what is TST's potential for hair loss relative to other ph/ps/ etc?

    3) Is there particular types of parameters you would like us to report upon in our logs?

    Thank you.

    1) It's always a good idea to be prepared with the proper ancillaries just in case...

    2) There is some potential for 5-alpha reduction of Methoxy-TST. If a person were to use 1 cap 3 times daily it appears to be about equal to Orastan-E used at 1 cap 3 times per day in relation to hair loss.

    3) It would be beneficial to readers if you included pre-cycle measurements (chest, arms, legs, etc...) and weight. Check your weight about once a week and give updates. Also include details such as: changes in body comp, strength, general well being, etc... Blood tests showing lipid levels or blood pressure readings will also be helpful but not mandatory, and anything else you feel that would be educational and helpful.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please PM me.

  4. Finallllllllllly ordered my god.

    also ordered a bunch of milk thistle and taurine. mmmm

  5. Wow pretty old thread.
    Did anyone have any good effects from this. I have 2 bottles I ordered back when it first came out and never used it. I was doing some searching and found this thread. I see quite a few people bought some yet I can't find much information or reviews on this stuff.

  6. Expired?

  7. The bottles say 2/10 and they have never been opened.

  8. You've had it this long. Just use it!


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