so fast

  1. so fast

    Time ordered, 11:09 3/6/06

    Time shipped 12:46 3/6/06

    Can you say fast

  2. Sam must force feed his shipping clerks meth or something. I've had the same thing..ordered and shipped in and hour.

    You're evil Sam, but I like it that I get my orders quickly.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    Sam must force feed his shipping clerks meth or something.
    only the lightweights and slackers need to be forced

  4. True. The dedicated employee eagerly lines up for his AM he can work he can get another he ship things to me he can get another dose...

  5. Let's not let the cat out of the bag gentlemen

  6. Not only is thier shipping ultra fast but their service is first rate,they answered all my stupid questions and even refunded me for the shipping cost because it was only a couple of days late,they are definetly first class.

  7. I love nutraplanet! Those guys are awsome at making sure you get your order fast! I found this site off from their site!


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