first order from nutraplanet

  1. first order from nutraplanet

    i ordered USP labs camphibolic and C2 on Monday night and recieved my order on wednesday afternoon. i got several emails letting me know when they processed and shipped my order. i personally have never seen customer service as good as this. looks like this is the only place i will be doing business with from now on. THANKS!!

  2. b180 thank you for your order and your support

  3. I just put in my first order, and within 10 minutes my order was processed and shipped. I have found my new favorite supplement store! Fantastic service, thanks guys!

  4. I ordered for the first time last week and was equally impressed with the email notification system. My new favorite supplement store.

  5. Made my first order today.
    One of my old favorites is not a board sponsor, so I'm giving NutraPlanet a try

  6. yeah nutraplanet rocks...!
    fast shipment, easy dialog and very helpfull..

    higly recomended

    (Note: I order oversea Europe)


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