Can't connect to the NP website

  1. Can't connect to the NP website

    Anybody else have this problem? I haven't been able to connect to them since last night.

  2. We are experiencing an issue with our server, but should have the problem resolved soon. Due to this issue, emails may not be getting through either. Please call if you need immediate assistance: 770-460-1365

  3. Understandable. I was just browsing and window shopping for some possible goodies soon.

  4. Stryder any eta when the site will be up again cause i have to email you guys regarding my order and i dont want to call you number because its not toll free.thanks for the info.

  5. bummer.... hmmm I think I will just call in my order

    ok called... site should be back up in 30-60 minutes..... guess I will wait, no big deal at all.

  6. site back up.

  7. wooohoooo
    all is well in the universe again.


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