Anyone have trouble with USPS?

  1. Anyone have trouble with USPS?

    I placed a order from NP the 23 and it shipped out the 24. I know its not suppose to be here today, but i wanted to check where it was and i tried to use my number to check with USPS on their website and it says no info is available. Has anyone had similar problems like this?

  2. usps is very slow with their tracking system. half the time i receive a package before usps enters it into their website.

  3. So i shouldnt worry?

  4. no, not at all. postal service sucks, always has, always will. if stryder says it's shipped, it's on your way. i beelzeguaran****intee it.

  5. Not uncommon for it to take 48 hours to be entered in their system. I normally have mine in hand before it is even trackable

  6. Not sure if you are confusing terms, but the only packages that can be tracked via USPS are Express Mail, which usually cost a minimum of about $15 to ship.

    On the other hand, a "Delivery Confirmation", available with Priority Mail for about 75 cents, is exactly what it says-- verifies that the item has been delivered. The catch is that it could be delivered to the wrong address, 2000 miles away, but it will still show up as being delivered!!!

    Perhaps you ordered Delivery Confirmation/Priority Mail when you meant to order Express Mail w/Tracking.

  7. Ok thanks guys.

  8. Common Usps sucks! But it's one of the only shows in town.


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