What supps would you all buy?

  1. What supps would you all buy?

    I have been looking at some supplements to buy and i was wondering if evryone would tell me which ones they thought were the best. Im looking at super drol, halo drol, phera-plex and orastan-e. Im looking for strength gains and would really like to get the ones that will help me with that most.

  2. Personally I swear by superdrol. If I was you, before buying any of these supps I'd do a massive amount of research. Superdrol is an oral steroid.

  3. depends greatly on your age, how old are you?
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  4. Im 21 and i have some of the old methyles left like MD, M1T, MOHN. And i was wondering if these new supps were any better than those.

  5. data's still coming in, and it's all experiential/anecdotal: MUCH too early for general qualitative assessments.

    Given the whole methyl-mixing conundrum, it may a long time before really authoritative info is available...and many Bothans will have died to bring us that information.... Still, Orestan is non-methylated, so if I were you, I'd grab enough of that to stack with other things; if money were no object, I'd also bring in PP & both some HD and some SD.

    Oh, and dump the M1T.


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