The Stryder Stacks?

  1. The Stryder Stacks?

    Ever think about selling some of your products in discounted stacks? Such as the HEAT + AMP combo? Or your new revenge + Prostan + Inhibit-E?

    Anyway... jsut a thought.

    The Historic PES Legend

  2. that's a good idea

  3. Bringing it back from the dead for consideration.

    The Historic PES Legend

  4. Got some things in the will be relatively soon.

  5. Excellent.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    Got some things in the will be relatively soon.

  7. Havent been around in a while... did this ever come to frutation?

    The Historic PES Legend

  8. Come on and stack them already Sam!! Thanks for the T-shirt BTW.
    "If we use our emotions as a means of forming conclusions and making decisions, then it is our emotions that businesses will appeal to, and in such a world, dishonesty reigns." - Par Deus

  9. I for one would love to see a HEAT+AMP stack. I really want to order from Nutraplanet for these items, but would have to spend signifigantly more in order to do so.

  10. discounted stacks are awesome.


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