1. CEE

    What is everyone mixing NP's CEE with? I put mixed some in with my protein shake and it tasted terrible. Juice maybe?

  2. People mix it with various things. Crystal lite lemonade and gatorade seems pretty popular. I use either O.J. or grape juice. O Everclear also seems to take the bite off it.

  3. CEE tastes like ****...Best way to go IMO is Gatorade, but some people don't like the excess carbs. Like Witty said, you can go with Crystal Lite, or you can cap it.

    It is so sour that, to be honest, after a few weeks I just started getting used to it and took it as a shot of "sour water" then gulped about 20 oz of water right after. NP CEE was my staple for a while.


  4. It's not that bad. I just mix it up in water.

  5. I just throw mine on my tongue and make sure I have a glass of water on hand. If you put it right in the middle of your tongue and drink the water fast its not that noticeable.



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