Shipping to France - MacWanted, another question for you :)

  1. Shipping to France - MacWanted, another question for you :)

    I already asked this on the previous thread about this but it has been closed, so I had to open a new one.

    1) Did you order anything hormonal such as phera-plex, halodrol etc? If so, still no problems wth customs?

    2) I'm thinking of making a large order (10-12 lbs of protein and a few other small bottles like fish oil, multivit. etc.) Do you think this would cause a problem? Have you ever made orders as big as this one?

    Again, thank you so much. It's appreciated.

    (J'ai demandé en anglais au cas ou des anglophones qui vivent en France sont concernés sur le sujet )

  2. You really have no idea why the other thread has been closed?

    I already answered to your question in the other thread. Don't order anything illegal. You never know if your package is going to be controlled or not. The chance of having your order seised is greater if you order big quantities, or if the package is big. You may or may not receive your order and if you receive it chances are you have to pay taxes.

    By the way in the other thread you said that you wanted to send some supplements to your friend in France now you are saying that YOU want to place an order. Where is the truth? Whatever it's none of my business, but was just curious.

  3. I don't know if these substances are illegal or not in France, that's why I asked. Are you certain that, let's say phera-plex, is illegal in France? It seems to be legal in the US, at least it's being sold in stores at the moment.

    It's still me who's gonna place the order, but I'll have it shipped to my friend who's in France. If you look at what I wrote in the first post in that thread, I said "I'd like to have an order shipped to a friend who's actually in Paris".

    And yes, I still have no idea why the goddamn thread has been closed. Because it's just a question, I am not violating anything am I?

    You said "The chance of having your order seised is greater if you order big quantities, or if the package is big." How big are we talking here?

    And BTW, on that other thread, you said your friends in Paris had a hard time getting their order and had to pay huge taxes. Then I asked you if you know what the shipping method they chose, and if they ordered anything hormonal. But you didn't answer that one.

  4. Never had a problem importing prohormones into Belgium.. just keep it small and discreet.

  5. Thanks stream
    Can you tell what shipping method you chose and how many bottles at a time?

  6. Be sure to use a trackable method like Fedex or Global Express Mail. Do not use airmail parcel post or surface parcel post, your package can take weeks/months to reach you.

    In my experience.. Fedex = very fast(3-5 days), very reliable, provides tracking till it's delivered and signed for, but there's a bigger chance of paying import taxes, especially for whey products, because of heavy European subsidies for farmers.

    Gobal Express Mail = a bit slower sometimes (1 - 1.5 weeks), provides tracking only till it leaves the US, is handled by the government postal company once it's in Europe (Taxipost in Belgium), less chance of paying taxes.

    Last order was 3 phera-plex bottles, but you could easily put 10 in the box it came in.

  7. I think you thread has been closed because you were writing in French. But maybe I'm wrong.

    Regarding the legal/illegal supplements in France, put it this way, anything other than "real" natural supplements (i.e Proteins, essential oils...) are illegal or considered illegal by customs. There is no clear list of legal or illegal supplements. It's really up to custom officers. Even legal supplements can be seised because the officer who check the package has no idea of what the supplement could be.

    I think a 10-15lbs box is big enough to attract custom's attention. And I'm suspecting big cities to have more frequent control than smaller ones.

    Here I'm not saying that you should or should not order from France, it's up to you. But just be aware that your package may or may not be seised and you I mean your friend may have to pay taxes.

    I don't know what shipment method they use. Whatever shipment method you chose it doesn't matter, your package may be checked.

    Personally when I'm in France I rarely have problem receiving my package (even if I have to pay taxes sometimes) regardless of the company where I place my order. But again I place small orders, and I'm not in Paris.

    BTW if you are in the US why don't you ship the order to your place and then send it to your friend to your friend as a gift?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by stream187
    Never had a problem importing prohormones into Belgium.. just keep it small and discreet.
    It's easier to receive your package in Belgium than in France.
    I heard that Germany is really tough.

  9. Stream : I've been told by a french guy (MacWanted) that global express is trackable in France too, as it's taken in charge by Chronopost once it enters the country. He also said you'll probbably pay duties with FedEx, so I'll go with Global express. thanks again.

    kev : I'm in Turkey. Customs are too tight here, that's why I'm doing this.
    Anyways, I'll just order 5lbs of protein and a few other "definitely legal" things, and hope I don't get arrested

    I'm curious if MacWanted has something to add.

  10. Ofcourse the information I gave only applies to Belgium. I don't know the specifics of French customs.. I do know that all my Fedex packages enter Europe through Paris, so atleast untill Paris they are handled the same.

  11. I just had this idea : I also have a friend in Nantes, I'll send him a package too (splitting up so the package is smaller) and when he receives he'll send it to my other friend who's in Paris. And I can get it when I'll be in Paris in a monthShipping inside France doesn't cost that much, does it?

    MacWanted, still waiting for your input.

  12. Well as I told you, user global express mail, and receive your order in 4 or 5 days... When it arrives in France, you can go to chronopost web site to track your order.

    Concerning custom, I had only one time a parcel opened and it was just protein so no problem. I think they had open it since the fees for sending were more that the price of the content. custom opens parcel randomly, so I would not care of it and proceed to your order.


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