1. Nutraplanet

    can nutraplanet be trusted? im asking because right now im very paranoid. i ordered 3 bottles of superdrol and 3 bottles of phera-plex from and only recieved the 3 bottles of superdro. its been about 2 weeks now and i have called them twice and have been told that they were sorry and they will ship them out the next day. but still no e-mail was sent to me to confirm my order. how many bottles of phera-plex does nutraplanet have left? anybody every order from them and have any problems?

  2. NP is truly one of the best companies you will find. Value and customer service outstanding! Any of the many long-time regulars here will vouch for Stryder and his company. Any problems are dealt with personally and immediately, although you'd be pressed to find many such issues at all.

  3. thx man that helps alot. does anybody know how many bottles of phera-plex they have left?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by strongsafety2
    thx man that helps alot. does anybody know how many bottles of phera-plex they have left?
    If you want, you can go to order on the NP site, and figure out how many there are by entering numbers and seeing when you get the OUT OF STOCK prompt.

  5. Yeah, I'm with Milwood. I've ordered from them. Nutraplanet is great - and very fast!

  6. Nutraplanet is the best site I have ever used, and I continue to use them. Sam is the man.

  7. NP rules.

  8. Hey guy, I've been with Nutraplanet for a while and they are the best! I know the owner of one of the Netnutri places here in NJ....and the guy was a grade A ******* and his prices were nowhere near what NP had, take that for what it's worth!

  9. you can't go wrong with nutraplanet.

    as said, they are the best in every regard. (prices, service, shipping, etc.)

  10. Got my PheraPlex yesterday!

  11. jah zeer goot!

  12. The Planet f.ckin rocks and so does Sam. I only wish every other company I deal with had such class.

  13. Top notch

  14. Hey man - what's with getting all paranoid about the board sponsors? They've been selected to be sponsors for a reason - notice that they're in the "Trusted Supplement Stores" section.


  15. Agreed.

    I find it hard to believe that you ordered the same supps from 2 different board sponsors AND had the exact same problem happen with both. You can now be quietly paranoid and deal with each company via email.


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