Product request

  1. Product request

    Any possibility of sourcing some bulk Tongat Ali powder???

  2. while your at it sam could you please look into some bulk bcaa powder and poss a tamper tool for your cap m quik machines.

  3. the cap m quicks come with a least mine did

  4. Quote Originally Posted by italionstallion
    the cap m quicks come with a least mine did
    I ordered a kit from nutra several months ago, it said cap em quik w/tamper when I ordered but the box I got just says cap em quik capsule filler and has no tamper. I assumed the w/tamper stood for without

  5. bump for tongat ali (aka Longjack) powder. 1Fast used to have it, now I dunno who does. If possible, get the 100:1 extract powder. Popular and not tereribly expensive.

  6. I just found this. Maybe this is why you guys cant find it.

    Common Name: Tongkat Ali, Malaysian Ginseng
    Scientific: Eurycoma Longifolia

    Uses: Tongkat Ali is small tree that has been very popular in Malaysia as a traditional aphrodisiac it is now on the "protected plant list" due to over harvesting. It can be found in South East rainforest areas such as Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. For centuries it has been used as an aphrodisiac and relief for a variety of ailments from post partum to anti-malarial, anti-ulcer, anti-pyretic, cytotoxic, and just becoming known in 2004 in North America for its amazing! aphrodisiac properties. In men it is known for assisting in super firm erections.

    Becoming more and more popular for it's aphrodisiac properties for both men and women. Studies to date have only been done on animals. There are promising studies done with Tongkat Ali in the areas anti-cancer, thermogenic/energy and fertility.
    CONSTITUENTS/Properties; quassinoids - eurycomanone, eurycomanol, eurycomalactone; various canthine-6-one alkaloids [2].
    Quote Taken from

  7. Ah I see possibly the reason 1fast stopped carrying it

    And I had hoped he could get this too....


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