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    Hello ther,i just ordered 2 bottles of superdrol,now,the site states that it is the 90pill bottles but
    is it that or the 60pill bottles that i will get?

    Recently i ordered one bottle with prostanozol but i got the ax prostanozol that is ok but then i got 60 instead of 90 pills,that wasnt what i hade planed,now i must make another order.

    I ordered a few bottles of e-max during the "pree sale" ,when will we have the discout for the money we lost with the price and all of that?
    thanks for replying.
    best regards Jonas

  2. The SD will be the 90 caps.

    I apologize about the Prostanozol. ALRI sold the rights of Prostanozol to AX. We didn't know until we received the bottles. Also we were not informed that the bottles were reduced from 90 caps to 60 caps until we started receiving complaints. Unfortunately (for both of us) the capsule count has been reduced but the price did not.

    About the EMax, all the gift vouchers were mailed out. Jonas, send me an email. I need to talk to you about something.

    [email protected] m

  3. thank you for the fast answer,you have email.

  4. I had a voucher from my emax pre-sale order but it seems my cleaning lady has cleaned it out with the trash. Is there anyway I can somehow find that discount # again?

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