Question regarding AX SuperDrol

  1. Question Question regarding AX SuperDrol

    Looks like it is being discontinued and some web sites are starting to run sales to liquidate inventory. Will you be running a sale?

  2. I think he already is... The price is listed at 49.95 or has that been his price all along?

    Stryder, how deep is your supply of SuperDrol? Any estimate of how long it will stay in stock?

    I hate getting paid every other week!

  3. We still have a good supply of the SD at the moment, but they are selling FAST!

    The SD is on sale for $49.95 and that is for the 90 caps.

  4. Why would they discontinue it, anyone know?

  5. look for it on the ban list soon...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by chasec
    look for it on the ban list soon...
    Yup, it's the only logical conclusion to be made. Blow-out remaining stock before the date.

  7. Does this include all SD knock off's too? If there are SD compounds out there being made still (Legal Gear and maybe some others) not sure If I'll go nutz right now.

  8. Just placed an $150 order and SD was included!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Kris4153
    Just placed an $150 order and SD was included!
    damn, me too

    actually, mine was 150.24

    i think, then 7.5 for shipping


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