SAM is so F**K*N GREEDY!!!!YEAH I said it!

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    SAM is so F**K*N GREEDY!!!!YEAH I said it!

    On the contrary SAM, You are by far a patient and understanding businessman. I appreciate your patience when USPlabs was suffering from an ill-advised sale.

    USPlabs is Launching A customer Appreciation sale tomorrow, But SAM has a limited supply of our Newest product C2 (which feels like a combo of meridia and ritalin with muscle preserving effects and without the crash); our improved cAMPHIBOLIC formula along with Cissus RX.

    USPlabs customer appreciation sale will result in the product being sold, and Sams' stock will sell quickly so support SAM with all you supplement needs!

    Thank you

  2. good deal! Props to USP and NP!

  3. GREAT!!!

  4. Yeah that greedy Sam sold us sesamin from scivation for $21.99

  5. when will cAMP and Cissus be back in stock NP?

  6. In stock now <--- click me!


    and my user name and password doesn't work for the sale :-(


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