New Product - Jet Fuel - any reviews?

  1. New Product - Jet Fuel - any reviews?

    Has anyone tried this? It looks like it would blow Lipo-6 out of the water but with all that's in it are the doses effective?

  2. It may blow Lipo 6 out of the water, but Lipo is proven. Lipo 6 is a very solid product, and it has the reviews to back it up.

  3. I have tried it and thing to throw it since I had short breath after using it. But everyone reacted differently...

    It is very effective, I felt the warm effect... but... sorry to say that (to Slider who sells it) but I read this week that synephrine sounds dangerous and can create heart problems and neural damage...

  4. Jet Fuel seems to be a good way to get a pre-workout stim... I don't believe it is an effective, purposeful, supplement. That is, I don't see people using it for weeks on end and dropping fat.

    For the record, I also feel that Lipo-6 is grossly over-rated by many. I wouldn't put much faith in it either.

    So that no one gets smart and says, "So then what???" I believe the bottom line is that thermogenic 'fat-burners' are pretty much all over-rated. Diet is key. Exercise is key. Fat-burners can help - but most are variations on the same theme or gimmicky. Many, like Lipo-6 make ridiculous claims (such as how it is the best for women because it 'targets' the hips and thighs, yet, it is the perfect fat-burner for men... huh? each cap is a smart bomb unto itself?... must be since it is mostly caffeine and underdosed guggul).

    I like (and am using now) Primaforce's Thermal Rage. Well formulated. Nice ingredient profile with correct/substantial amounts of the actives. Something which is not the case with most other product of the same type. I also think Redline by VPX is good for long-term use as a 'fat-burner.'

  5. I know Lipo is effective, I asked if this would be more effective. I stayed on the same diet and instead of dropping a pound every two weeks I dropped 2 pounds every week.

    So shortness of breath? Got any links to the synephrine studies?

    Have you tried it SMA? Thanks for your synopsis on fat burners but see above and then re-read my question. The obligatory diet and exercise is over played... I know it's not a magic pill. The question I asked was if it was more effective than Lipo-6. And yeah.. anyone that believes the RevXP or Tight advertisements for targeted six pack technology and butt firming B.S. probably would believe it's a magic pill.

    I will reask the question. Has anyone actually used this product with success and have you also used Lipo. Thanks.

  6. I answered your question...

    I believe JetFuel is better as a pre-workout stim. I believe neither is great as a long-term fat-reduction product. If I had to pick one for that purpose, I'd pick Lipo-6.

    BTW - I didn't mean to come across as accusing you of believing in a 'magic pill'... I did not mean that; did not mean to address those comments directly to you... I was only giving my overall opinion. My apologies if anything else seemed implied.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by shootmeagain
    I believe JetFuel is better as a pre-workout stim. I believe neither is great as a long-term fat-reduction product. If I had to pick one for that purpose, I'd pick Lipo-6.
    I've used Jet Fuel for the majority of the summer, and it has helped drop my waist back below 30" while still near 200lbs.. I've used Lipo-6 with and without ephedra and it shredded me up nicely.. I use my diet to lean out, so I know something's working.. JetFuel didn't give me energy, but it increased my focus well..

    Then again we all respond differently to things..

  8. I've just ordered it so I'm looking forward to the results. I have about 10% BF, but want to get it down to about 6-7%. I also got the Gaspari SuperPump 250, heard that was pretty good. Anyone tried it?

  9. Well, I just bought a bottle on 2-05-08 and as stated, I began to feel jittery after about 20 minutes of taking it. I have taken a lot of FB over the years and this one seems to be doing the trick as far as a pre-workout fix.
  10. JetFuel PYRO ??

    Hi, I just joined to see what you guys had to say about this product. I'd have to say that MacWanted brings up a good point. This was my concern when I read the ingredients and was thinking it might cause nervousness or uneasiness as I've experienced that at times with other themo fat-burning stims. I didn't know it had to do with the synephrine though? I'll probably skip out on trying this and go with something a little less endorphin based. The last thermogenic I used was the lipo 6 Black and I took 3 pills morning and 3 four hours later. I didn't find any mood enhancement which was fine because it wasn't advertised as such. It did work pretty good and I'll probaby use it again but it was almost too weak on the stim side for me. I was drinking Redbull or coffee with lipo black and had no issues. I just liked that it was smooth but it didn't supress my appetite as much I'd like. Any, rample on and Jetfuel sounds like a fiendish good time.. ahhh... ohhh .. nnooo.

    Then again, I also agree with shootmeagain.. Most fat stims/themros do seem pretty similar and they are just a supplement to help you reach your goals.

    Check out JetFuel's ingredients:
    OH nevermind I can't link. DOH

  11. It's actualy been around for a few years, and never really became to poplular...


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