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  1. HMB Powder

    Hey stryder, I just got 400 g of HMB powder from you, and as always, it was great service.

    But on the website it says that 1 tsp. =~1.5 g. When I looked at how much powder I got, I couldn't believe that! I mixed 1 tsp. in my pre-workout drink and I realized that there couldn't possibly be about 250 teaspoons in the jug. So after my workout I scooped the powder out teaspoon by teaspoon into another container, and I came out with about 100 teaspoons. So does this mean that 1 tsp. =~4 g? Please help me as I don't want to overdose and take more than I need and just have it be a waste of the powder.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. I use HMB from nutraplanet/stryder.

    I am using an electrical scale and 1/4 teespoon HMB powder is about 1g

  3. thanks, excalibur......that sounds more accurate. it looks like stryder might have to change that on the site so more people don't get confused.

  4. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I'll measure it again...

  5. thanks stryder, that would be great

  6. Remeasured it and I got ~3.5 grams for a level teaspoon. Another time I measured it and got 2.5 grams. This powder is so fine that using a scale would be your best bet.


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