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    Wow! I’m totally impressed with the service from NutraPlanet. I ordered a few small misc supplements. The package came right on time. And when I opened the box and went through all the packaging I kept running into free stuff. Tons of free protein samples (I already want more Substance WPI Watermelon YUM). When I thought I had taken everything out I found something at the bottom of the box, a really nice blue and black “Scivation? gym bag. If it was Sam’s intention to win me over my previous online supp retailer it worked.

  2. My orders through Nutraplanet have always been handled smoothly, shipped promptly, and come with a few free goodies!


  3. I agree. Good service and the free samples are a great idea. I end up ordering some of the samples after I try them. Haven't got a bag yet , you lucky bastard!

  4. I got this really sweet Primaforce gym bag once from Sam

  5. Sams the best, if they don't have something you need just ask and he can usually stock it at a great price.

  6. man u lucky thing I've never got any goodies when ordering through nutraplanet. Probably my fault, cause I actually asked for some . Still, good service to be sure.

  7. Damn, all these times I've ordered wishing I could get a gym bag.....I'm depressed now.....


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