Iso 100 5lb

  1. Iso 100 5lb

    Fuzzy Navel and Berry now available!

  2. Holy ****e i read it fast and thought it said 100lb. That would be alot. Wonder how much shipping that would be.

  3. I believe it would be $51.50

    I thought it said 100lbs too.

  4. or... a 100 5lb containers

  5. You dudes are stuuuupid! ...LOL!

  6. If anyone tries the Fuzy Navel, please post a review.

  7. i got the fuzzy navel a while ago....basically, as soon as stryder had it in stock

    i thought it was gonna be good, but got my hopes up to high. it mixes very easily, very good on the stomach (wpi), just doesnt taste all that great. im not saying it tastes bad, it just doesnt really have any taste to it at all. it is very, very weak tasting, and i use about 1.5 scoops pwo with 8 oz of water, and it is still weak. its not offensive at all, and i wont get sick of taking it, but it just doesnt have much of a flavor.

  8. Thanks for the feedback...looks like the Nectar Fuzzy Navel is still the way to go in regards to taste.


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