Checkout not working

  1. Checkout not working

    I'm tyring to place an order but after the checkout process asks my shipping method, I click continue, and it just goes back to my cart. Anyone else having this issue? I've tried several times, reopened my browser, tried again... no luck.

  2. I had this problem as well, i believe it happens when one of the items in your cart is out of stock.

  3. Nothing is showing as out of stock though.

    I just tried again for kicks, and the same thing is happening.

  4. damn aliens..........

  5. It's because an item(s) quantity exceeds our stock. For instance if you ordered 3 of something and we have only 2. Try adjusting the quantities.

    Sorry for the hassle. Need to get my webguy to work on that.

  6. Ah, yeah, that did it. I actually had to reduce the quantity from 3 to 1 though for the ProLab Lean Mass Matrix. Hhhhmmm... I really need 3 boxes. Are you expecting any more soon?

  7. Email me your order # and the quantity and flavor. I have more in our retail location. Waiting for the shipment to arrive at the warehouse.

  8. Stryder,

    I just ordered 2 boxes from Power Nutrition like 2 hours ago. I did order one box from ya though.


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