Wheres my order? Hmmm

  1. Wheres my order? Hmmm

    Hey is there a way you can find my order where ever it may be.
    Order 3218 I knew i should of shipped DHL instead of Priority.

  2. DHL takes considerable time longer to receive from. At least from my experience. My last order took about 7 days. No fault of NP though. I could have opted for the priority mail and recieved it much faster. I'm not sure about tracking numbers for DHL. There should be something though.

  3. For me it's a necessity to get a viable tracking number. I live in a high-rise co-op, and it's a 50-50 proposition whether I'll actually receive a postal package.

  4. Looked it up and it's your order alright...funny thing is it's the EXACT same address as the previous orders that went out DHL. About to shoot you an email so we can work this out...darn post office

  5. Yeah so far my experience with DHL isn't favorable. I checked the tracking number of my package and it said it arrived at their facility at 7:55 this morning. Do I have my package now? Of course not. But it'll be here tomorrow. Again, this is DHL and definitely not the Ranger as I'd expect nothing less from Isildur's heir

  6. See im oppisite i prefer DHL and trust them more then usps i just went USPS cause i thought i could get a little faster. But thanks for taking care of it for me!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TheCrownedOne
    ...definitely not the Ranger as I'd expect nothing less from Isildur's heir
    LOL! You LOTR nerd!


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