Shipping cost

  1. Shipping cost

    I am planning to place an order soon, but there is something wrong with the shipping rate. Without ON whey, the cost of shipping is 16 bucks or so. However, when I add the ON Whey (10lb) to the order, the cost became zero. It would be great if this is what you intended, but I think it is some kind of mistake. Anyone works for nutra knows what's going on?

  2. DHL may be doing upgrades on their shipping module. Wait a minute and try again and let me know if it's still doing the same.

  3. I tried yesterday, and again this afternoon. It is doing the same thing as of 7:30 PM pacific time. For waht is worth, my order is about 20lb without ON Whey and 30lb with ON Whey, respectively.
    I am not sure what it will happen if I proceed, though. I guess I will place order without the whey.

  4. Will have my web guy look into it tomorrow and see if something can be done from our end to fix it...sorry for the hassle. Will let you know when we get the bugs worked out. If worse comes to worse, I'll work something out to where you can check out tomorrow...

  5. OK, got the shipping bug worked was apparently on our end and the heavy package screwed with the flat rate shipping calculator, but it's all good now

  6. Thanks for looking into the problem. Everybody knows already, but your customer service is great. Thanks again.


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