ALCAR Special Coming to a Close...

  1. ALCAR Special Coming to a Close...

    Wednesday is the last day for the ALCAR kilo special. After 11:59 pm EST the ALCAR will go up to regular price.

    Don't miss out

  2. Thumbs up

    Stryder,this was a super deal.I got mine yesterday and it was sealed in two plastic jugs with the nice pure powder inside.Anyone who has'nt jumped on this deal should NOW.AS always we appreciate the great deals and killer customer service .thanks jack

  3. Thanks Jack! This really is an insane deal. You won't see a deal like this everyday. I just had way too much and had to unload some.

  4. great i caught this thread or i would have missed it! good deal im buying some!

  5. got mine last week....figured this kind of deal wouldn't last long...I've never seen it close to being this cheap

  6. Got mine last week as well. Kudos to Stryder on this smokin deal, extremely good ALCAR quality and super fast delivery time (2.5 days)!

    You rock my brotha.

  7. I bought my Kilo too.. Man what a great product.. A huge deal.. Nutraplanet kicks ass!

  8. Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!

    Missed it!

    I knew a deal like this wouldn't last! Thanks anyway, man.


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