Cissus Rx

  1. Cissus Rx

    When will you have it back in stock?

  2. Looks like USP was out, but I've been told by ceosm that it should ship out today and hopefully get here Thursday or Friday.

  3. Sweet.

  4. Any update on Cissus Rx and also on LX? That's all I need to complete my order. Thx.

  5. The LX should hopefully arrive in a few days. The Cissus is still up in the air. It was suppossed to have gotten to me already. Haven't heard any updates from Synergy Muscle so still uncertain. Will let you know if I hear anything.

  6. Just got a shipment notification email from Synergy Muscle, so the Cissus should arrive this Thursday or Friday.

  7. sweet. thx.

  8. In stock!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    In stock!
    Ordered! You're customer service and reviews across this board stole me away from BN. Oh yea, the slightly lower prices don't suck either.

  10. I just reordered as well.. Yes, NutraPlanet prices are very buyer-friendly. I bought ON Whey while I was there as well...


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