NutraPlanet's AlCAR

  1. NutraPlanet's AlCAR

    I just wanted to say that i have been taking alcar for a long while.. not a stranger too it. I must say that the ALCAR that I now have from styder's store , though tastes like vodka a little bit, is the best i have ever used. I swear i think i am cheating when i go to the gym...

    on another note... Styder... what the hell is X that is at the bottom of your product scroll. and why is it 85 bucks... and why is my cat going after his tail.... WHY CANT I GET ANSWERS IN MY LIFE!!!!!

  2. ...a custom order for a's several products I don't normally's do strange things, I dare not venture into the psyche of a feline...sorry can't answer that one!

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