ETA on Lean Extreme

  1. ETA on Lean Extreme

    I'm getting ready to place my 1st order at NutraPlanet. I just need to add DS Lean Extreme to my cart. Any idea when it'll be back in stock?

  2. Hopefully this coming week...handzilla shoot me an email

    [email protected] m

  3. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    Hopefully this coming week...handzilla shoot me an email

    [email protected] m

  4. Any update on this? I really want to go ahead and order but I need my LX! Its always this way it seems, GXR is out when LX is in, GXR is in when LX is out! And I always want both!

  5. DS is having a problem keeping items in stock...major growing pains (which is a good thing to experience as a company) but it may be another week maybe two.

  6. I got your e-mail, Stryder. You have my business fo' life! Thanks!

  7. Bumpin on up!! Ideas?? Need to know to order or hold off.

  8. The last email I got from DS said that they are suppossed to receive some by last weekend and they were going to overnight it to me. Haven't heard anything since so hopefully anyday now.

    ...on a high note, I've been told that DS will have inventory issues worked out and the out of stocks will not be a frequent problem.

  9. Bumpin on up!! Heard any from DS latley??

  10. If all goes wel, by this Friday <fingers crossed>


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