Order question

  1. Order question

    I placed an order on wednesday, chose to pay via money order, and havent gotten an invoice in my email yet. Actually the order was for my brother, I placed an order last week and got the invoice right away, but for this order on wednesday i still havent gotten an invoice emailed to me. When I check the status of the order it says pending, so I dont know what that means. The order number is #2126. I printed off the invoice from the site, is it ok if I just go ahead and email the check with that invoice? Just wanted to make sure everything was ok since the status was pending. Thanks for your help stryder, service was amazing for my last order

  2. Yeah, just go ahead and print the invoice from the site and send it with the money order. It's in pending still because payment hasn't been received. You should have gotten an email with the invoice, but just send the one from the site or even write on a piece of paper your name and order # if you have it.

    Thanks for the order!

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