customer service is amazing

  1. customer service is amazing

    last week DHL skrewed my shipment up and delivered to the wrong place. Nutraplanet contacted DHL and DHL went and picked my package up and redelivered it. Nutraplanet was in constant contact with me throughout the entire ordeal. I never will use another store, even if the price is higher here...(which i highly doubt). Nutraplanet is awsome thank you guys!!!!

    everyone should use this store!

  2. Nutraplanet goes out of their way to take care of ALL shipping issues. He did me right on my order a few days ago as well-- thanks Sam!

  3. Definitely one of the good guys!!

  4. I've only placed two orders with nutraplanet (formerly ordered from BN/DPS.)

    The first order was for ALRI's "Chizeled"...the liquid topical fat loss product (which I've not tried yet BTW.) I was sent Xtreme Formulations's "Chizled...fat burner pill. I stay away from pill fat burners because I can't handle stimulants at all, so I emailed nutraplanet alerting them to the issue of me getting the wrong product. They sent the ALRI product out right away and told me to just keep the Xtreme Formulations product (rather than make me go through the process of sending it back.)

    Prices are great, service is great...only reason to order from other places is that there are some things that nutraplanet doesn't have that I like. Anything I can order from nutraplanet I will.

  5. all you have to do is request products and they typically get the in....this place rocks

  6. yes, nutraplanet replies to e-mails quite fast..............

    the owner of 1fast400 finally e-mailed me back like 9 days after he said he was gonna get me some superdrol. He was gonna sell me 5 bottles of superdrol for $49 USD a bottle, which is incredibly cheap....... but his more than a week to reply was a bit too long i told him. Which leads me to wonder, what if my order does not arrive and i e-mail, would it take a week+ to get a reply?

    only thing is, this is my first order with nutraplanet, and the superdrol has been delayedy an extra 7 days cuz i was told by nutraplanet that anabolic xtreme had some delay issues.

  7. I have oredered from everywhere imageneable, and no one comes close to nutraplanet.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by phasar
    yes, nutraplanet replies to e-mails quite fast..............

    the owner of 1fast400 finally e-mailed me back like 9 days...
    Thanks for the complement

    It's all I can do to reply to all the emails that come in everyday, I can only imagine what Mike has to deal with since he's so big. I can understand why it may take him longer to reply...he's probably getting hundreds of emails a day


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