thumbs down to NP!

  1. thumbs down to NP!

    what is up with the speedy delievery, you didnt give me anytime to worry about when it was coming!!!

    Excellent service, also liked the free samples!!

    I'm thinking of only ordering from NP from now on(this was my first order from you)

    P.S. expect plenty more orders in the future

  2. then shouldn't it say thumbs up for the service?

  3. i was joking, usually when you order something it takes like a week to get to you.

    i oredered friday and got it today!!

    its the best service ive ever gotten when ordering online
  4. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
    ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday's Avatar

    O, GOD! I was like WTF!!! It's so funny you say that as my friend ordered midnight on Friday and he received his stuff today and already wants to buy more stuff today, Stryder keep up the good work....I even told my friend it would be here today so your service is pretty much always ON POINT!

  5. I was ready to go ballistic when I saw the title.

    NP, and all the board sonsors here are in a league of their own when it comes to service, selection, and price.

  6. I have ordered 2 orders in the past month from NP, got some samples and was delivered 2-3 days each time. Stryder turns it pretty fast.

  7. mmmmmm samples. . .

  8. Ive ordered from ibe,np,custom and designer,they have all been great,i love this forum and the board sponsors.This is my first post but i never have to ask a question because if i search for what i need to no its already here in a post.No doubt about it, it dont get any better than this....

  9. wheew, i was ready to flame your ass. yes; nutraplanet kicks ass

  10. Yeah, me too, I feel robbed now.

  11. I..................., I'm gonna cry!...........

  12. good thing I didn't pull the trigger before reading this thread

  13. I was going to "pull" a "Quick Draw McGraw" myself, after reading the title of this thread.

  14. I've ordered from NP on a Friday afternoon and received my shipment on a Monday all the way to Jersey.

    Plus you gotta love the samples.

    Delivery speed and service just doesnt get any better than that.


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