Penetrate Pump??

  1. Penetrate Pump??

    First off, I have had nothing but wonderful service from NutraPlanet and have nothing but praise for them.

    I was just wondering if anyone here has measured out the pump volume before mixing in your PHs? I did and was surprise to find it took 10 pumps to get out 5ml. That means each pump was ~0.5ml. I had read before that each pump was ~2ml and so I was just checking to see how accurate that was. I am going to measure out my doses anyway but wanted to see how each squirt really measured out. Maybe it was just the one pump I tried out, who knows.

  2. Brfish, thanks for bringing the matter to attention. After reading your post, I went and tested out several pumps and they all come out to ~0.5ml per pump. The new white pumps were suppossed to be the same but with a better locking mechanism and without the leaking issues the old ones had.

    This does not change the amount of substance the Penetrate holds or the amount of servings you get per bottle, it just means you have to use 4 pumps for every 1 pump you were initially using.

    I apologize for the confusion and should have tested the new pumps rather than taking someone's word.

  3. Thumbs up

    I gotta say I do love the fact that the pump does lock and does not leak. That is a real nice touch with no accidental squirts

    The .5ml per pump makes it easier to dose out for some people. Sometimes it has to be dosed out in odd amounts. Like for me, I mixed in my 1-t and 4-ad (with no problems what so ever BTW) and my doses will be 5ml 2x a day.

    BTW I just got my latest order from Nutra-Planet and got this sweet gym bag thrown in. I used to order from 1fast a lot due to them taking paypal; but since NP now takes Paypal, I will be ordering from them from now on

  4. **** ... this sucks.

    so I'm guessing that I had better up my doses!

    damn you Sam! j/k

  5. yeah, yeah, I know...



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