Stryder have I missed the presale of max?

  1. Stryder have I missed the presale of max?

    I was trying to order 3 bottles of max and a bunch of other stuff when you had it priced for $29.99 a bottle. I seem to have problems with your site and the page keeps closing on the checkout page.

    I left it to try again later thinking mabey your server was busy or something, though the price is now $39.99. Is that the fixed price now?


  2. stryder posted in the other thread that there was mixup in the price and that the correct price was 39.99, so I guess you just missed out on getting it at 29.99.

  3. It was posted on the Nutraplanet site that the price would go from 29.99 to 39.99 after April 4th.

  4. I missed the boat by mere hours, too! Stryder, pm if there is any possible resolution!

  5. Ooh, me too, can I get mine for free though? Sam is an upstanding guy and he's honoring the price mistake when many other retailers wouldn't. Those who got in on the mistake are lucky and for the others, oh well you snooze, you lose.

  6. ALRI didn't update their page on Max LMG yet...anybody have any links to info regarding this product?

  7. Just got word that the Max LMG is going to be delayed another week

  8. Wow. ALRI really knows how to keep people hanging by a thread. Some info in the mean time would be appreciated though.


  9. Will the price go up after the presale or should this be the final price?

  10. The final price will be $39.99.


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