stryder penetrate Q?s

  1. stryder penetrate Q?s

    does dmso need to be added to increase absorbtion?

    and what dose would come from adding 12g of 4-hydroxyandrostenedione?(dose i came up with would be about 300mg/3 sprays)

  2. Yes
    Take the amount of powder in grams and convert to mg.
    For example 12 grams=12000 mg.
    12000 divided by 240 (240 ml in 8 oz)=50
    50 x 2 (2 ml per pump)=100 (100 mg/pump).
    So 3 pumps will yield 300 mg.

    the formula will alway be the same
    ( x grams= ?000 mg mg divided by 240 x 2ml)

    Not sure about adding the DMSO

  3. thanks

    (wasnt sure about my math)

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