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  1. Also, How about some other products to keep "lead in your pencil" during the early stages of PCT????? Something like, don't laugh, Enzyte. It's no good for making your wood bigger but it sure will help during that post cycle period where thigs are not back on board yet.

  2. Also any thoughts on Controlled Labs Blue Rhino as a good Trib type product that is pretty cost efficient?


  3. Quote Originally Posted by spitboy
    It might be out of stock, but the Nordic Naturals fish oil is a totally pleasant flavor.. faintly lemony and not offensive at all. Easier on the mouth than any of the flavored flax oils or Udo's blends.
    Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    The Nordic Naturals is the best tasting and high quality. In stock
    Thx, I like it! Any ETA on RYRw/coQ10?

  4. have you looked into getting the 5lb jug of dymatize mega milk?

  5. Now Foods is now offering Triphala. Is there any chance you'll carry it?

  6. flavor systems...??????

  7. Giant Nutrition's ATD

  8. Quote Originally Posted by aequitas
    Giant Nutrition's ATD


  9. More Sesathin so I can use my Presale voucher.

  10. Are you going to be getting any more 7-OH PFO?

  11. no the 7-OH PFO is discontinued by DS...

  12. Just throwing it out there: What about NutraPlanet t-shirts?

  13. I would love it you could get hemp oil. I would rather use that than flax seed oil. Protein factory has 32oz for 15$ but they have poor customer service and aren't my favorite. If you could get this I would definatly buy from you.

  14. Enerdisia Herbal coffee with Long Jack.

  15. Phenibut powder.

  16. finigenx

    I really want to try this stuff & would love to get it from you guys

  17. I second the phenibut powder.

  18. Nutrex Vitargo CGL

  19. Quote Originally Posted by CyberMuscle
    Nutrex Vitargo CGL
    trust me, just get the pure vitargo and add bulk CEE to it.

  20. also, any word on the bulk flavoring agents???????????????????????? ???

  21. Cissus RX... back in stock soon?

  22. Activate in stock anytime soon?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by steve777
    Activate in stock anytime soon?
    It's still in beta and only sold on DS site for now.

  24. The flavor systems will be up on the site Monday. Sorry for the delay on this one.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by aequitas
    Giant Nutrition's ATD
    What he said...

    Id much rather order this product from Nutra Planet.

  26. How about Now Foods Flax Oil Softgels?

  27. bump to giant nutrition ATD and finigenx

  28. Giant nutrition products are only going to be sold from giant nutrition, no other internet site will be selling that brand. I read that from some post by pat arnold somewhere.

    I was looking to try Dymatize Elite whey pina colada, but I didn't that flavor as an option. Are you just out or just don't carry that particular flavor?

  29. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    The flavor systems will be up on the site Monday. Sorry for the delay on this one.

  30. When/Are you going to add NOW Foods Eco-Green Multi Vitamins? I don't like going through Bulk Nutrition to get these considering his prices are higher than yours.

  31. Flavor Systems up on the site!

  32. phenibut powder?

  33. new ON hawian punch and rocky road protein powder

  34. Controlled Labs products? Right now I am testing out their Green Bulge and linke their product White Blood.

  35. How about NOW Glycerine 16 oz bottles.

    Thanks man

  36. Any possibility of looking into that Enerdisia Herbal Coffee?

  37. How about SciVation FenoTest?

  38. The FenoTest should be arriving today

  39. that's great.

    you have PM back in NutraPlanet forum.


  40. It's not a biggie, but I use size "1" gel caps... and since you don't carry them, I periodically have to place an order with 1fast, and since I'm not only going to buy gel caps, I end up getting other stuff as well to make it worth my while.

    and well were at it.... I currently use 00 caps for things like b5, trib and who knows in the future.. but I'd perfer to use OOO caps instead, but I don't do to the cost of 000 caps and the fact that they are only sold in 250 quantity bags. Would it be possible to stock 000 caps, in bulk bags...

    If I could I'd buy 000, and size 1... 5000-10000 caps at a time.

    Might as well add a 000 cap'm'quick

    So the wish list includes?

    Bulk Size "1" gel caps
    Bulk Size "000" gel caps
    Size "000" cap-m-quick complete

    Also I often buy bacteriostatic water from 1fast aswell cause it can be less of a pain in the arse compared to going gpz route.

    p.s. if you stock them I'll promise I'll take 10000 size 1 and 5000 size 000 off your hands immediately... (assuming price is competitive.)


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